Issue Number 81 - APRIL 2019

Bible Truth
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Some are too fearful to rebuke sinners
There will ever be a spirit to rise up against the reproof of sins and wrongs. But the voice of reproof should not be hushed because of this. Those whom God has set apart as ministers of righteousness have solemn responsibilities laid upon them to reprove the sins of the people. Paul commanded Titus, "These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. Let no man despise thee." There are ever those who will despise the one who dares to reprove sin. But when required, reproof must be given. Paul directs Titus to rebuke a certain class sharply, that they may be sound in the faith. And how shall the reproof be given? Let the apostle answer: "With all long-suffering and doctrine."

Lesson 27: Recognizing God's Ownership

1. Who owns the world?
Psalm 24:1 _______________________________________________

2. What does God claim as His?
Psalm 50:10 ______________________________________________
3. What about the world’s wealth?
Haggai 2:8 _______________________________________________
4. The kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country, who did what?
Matthew 25:14 ____________________________________________
We are “stewards of the mysteries of God.” 1 Corinthians 4:1.

Prophecy in the News
Daniel 7:25 “he shall… think to change times and laws.”
Headlines Declare Mark of the Beast (Sunday Law) is Coming!
  • Sunday laws ARE IN THE PIPELINE
    It's amazing how many articles and videos are out there proving that Sunday Laws are in the Pipeline. Notice this on my Sabbath attack page alone; I have many videos exposing how the powers that be in and outside the church are doing all they can to bring about Sunday laws all over the world. Yet Ted Wilson says no such is happening in the pipeline. There are so many articles now and some of them are real powerful evidences that Ted purposely hid the truth in that video. There are thousands of articles on this one page alone and I am just one of many watchmen on the wall sharing this. Not to mention the millions of articles all over the world from people who have no idea of the prophetic realities in all this
Easy Facts
Prophecy Study

Question: How do we share the gospel to others? Some say “you’re judging me” when truth hits them.

We are to preach the truth to absolutely everyone the Lord sends our way. No exceptions. He has His reasons for sending them, and so He does.

Here is an excerpt from the SPP article…

The SPP provides the framework to ensure that North America is the safest and best place to live and do business. It includes ambitious security and prosperity programs to keep our borders closed to terrorism yet open to trade. …Looking forward, President Bush, Prime Minister Harper and President Fox have identified emergency management; influenza pandemics, including avian influenza; energy security; and safe and secure gateways (border security and facilitation) as key priorities for the SPP. The Leaders also announced the creation of North American Competitiveness Council to fully incorporate the private sector into the SPP process.
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