Issue Number 85 - AUGUST 2019

Bible Truth
Bible Study

What I've found in a comparatively short period of time was a man named Lactantius who lived from 245-325AD. He of course rejected all previous theories from both secular and religious leaders that the earth was a globe or spherical in shape. Later in life Lactantius converted to Catholicism and at first was considered a heretic by the Roman church. However, during the Renaissance the Vatican did in fact promote his findings as scientific fact and actually persecuted and killed anyone who said otherwise. Somehow Christopher Columbus, the lone believer in a spherical earth at the time who was ridiculed and threatened by the Pope of Rome, did in fact set sail to prove the earth was spherical in shape. His findings did openly embarrass and confirm the Pope to be as he is to this day. A liar who does all he can to ridicule the written Word of God.

Lesson 28: God's Special People

17. When the church emerged from the wilderness, Satan went to make war with whom?
Revelation 12:17 __________________________________________             
A remnant is “Something left over....A leftover piece of fabric, as one remaining after the rest of the bolt has been sold. ...A small, remaining group of people.” The American Heritage Dictionary. The “remnant of her seed” is therefore that which is left of Christ’s true church after the 1260-year period and the general apostasy.

18. The first identifying mark of the remnant when they appear after 1798 is that they keep what?
Revelation 12:17 __________________________________________

19. Should we look for them to be keeping all ten of the commandments, including the one about the Sabbath?
James 2:10 _______________________________________________

Prophecy in the News
Daniel 7:25 “he shall… think to change times and laws.”
Headlines Declare Mark of the Beast (Sunday Law) is Coming!
  • Muslims Now Worship Mary
    After I did the video about the one world church I got to thinking; years ago I did a video wherein I showed an exMuslim who decided to leave the Islamic faith because he saw Catholicism written into the Koran. Especially when it came to Mary. Many people laughed when I said that Rome will get the Muslims to uplift Mary in the same way they got the Jews to not only keep Sunday holy but to pass laws allowing Jews to break the real Sabbath.
  • SDA Pastors Mock the Lord on Camera
    What you're about to see are a series of short video clips of SDA pastors standing in prayer before the people with hands down or closed. Yes, I did a video on this a few months back, but it appeared to anger some SDA's and a few even refused to believe it for some reason; and so perhaps showing these pastors standing in prayer on camera in the same way Roman Catholic prelates do in agreement to their Pagan ritualistic foundation will move some of the precious SDA people into accepting the truth as per our Lord's own lips regarding their long prophesied apostate condition.
Easy Facts
Prophecy Study

Question: Do we pray to God the Father? Or to Jesus? Or to Holy Spirit?

You actually answered your own question. You stated,  "no one can go to the Father except through me." Which is correct. But many fail to understand what that really means. When you pray, Jesus always instructed us to pray to His Father in many areas of the Gospel. But we are to do so "in His name." What that means is, the Father will hear your prayers, but only if you do so trusting Jesus as Lord of your life, and you are honestly trying your best to allow Jesus to guide you in life. The blunt reality to all this is, the term, "In Jesus name" means the same as "In His Character."

Now keep in mind, decades of research has proven that all the wars are the direct result of people refusing to bow in worship to the Popes and their Pagan dogma. Yet this pope uses those very same wars his predecessors started to demand laws for a Sunday Sabbath as a way to stop them today. Now… one thing that is very obvious is that the pope knows, we the remnant people exist. He also knows we cannot, and will not bow to his false god even on pain of death. Will he use that against us? Yes, prophecy confirms this as we all know. But does he actually make statements today that reflect that long prophesied fact? Can prophetic fulfillment be that easy to see at times? Yes it is. In 2008 at a United Nations meeting he actually said the following…

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